Got secrets? So do I. Really, really delicious ones.

Secret Marmalade officially launched in 2011, but the story of my love of baking starts long before that. It starts when I was a kid, growing up near Baltimore, Maryland and then, later, outside of Detroit.

It all began with Christmas. I’ve always looked forward to the holiday with a giddiness that is hard to contain. But, it isn’t Santa (sorry, Santa) that revs up my anticipation to a fever pitch. It’s the laughter and the stories of yesteryear…and the cookies.

Christmas was my excuse to bake as many different kinds of cookies and make as much candy as I could possibly think of. Every year, I’d pore over the family recipes picking more favorites than we could possibly eat over the holiday season. There’s nothing quite like biting into one of my grandmother’s sugar cookies while enjoying a warm cup of tea on a winter morning.

As I got older, Christmas baking started to expand into other parts of the year. Friends would ask me to bake for them and I started tinkering with recipes and ratios. Hours in the kitchen whizzed by in a blink. In sugar, I had found my calling. So, whether you’re a cupcake fan, a caramel lover, or a brownie fiend, this blog will feature treats that I promise you will adore. I put flavor first and sugar second, so no recipe will ever be too sweet.

Want to reach out? Drop me a line at rswanner@secretmarmalade.com or say hello here.

Rebecca Swanner aka Secret Marmalade

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